Savvy Senior Sources…Talking With Experts TV Show Released

I’m excited to announce the release the new TV show, Savvy Senior Sources…Talking With Experts that I host and produce.  The series of TV shows talk with experts for guiding your way through resources A to V in areas that seniors, their families, caregivers, and trusted advisors will find helpful for planning, aging in place with the ability to stay in their homes and remain independent or where to turn if and when going through the transition. The shows give viewers the opportunity to “meet” the trusted providers of senior services before making a phone call to them.

Brought to you from Savvy Senior Sources, LLC, Reverse Mortgages SIDAC and GWG Life, LLC are proud sponsors of the shows.

Please tune in and subscribe to the YouTube Channel Savvy Senior Sources to be notified when the new shows are broadcast.

Enjoy the shows!

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2 thoughts on “Savvy Senior Sources…Talking With Experts TV Show Released

  1. Hi Beth,

    This is a great service for seniors. I would love to connect you with Jeanne McGill who is outstanding at working with families, couples and individuals on pre-funeral planning. She tackles a sensitive topic and helps people be proactive in their planning to take the burden of family members during an emotional event.

    Also, I would love to offer myself as a speaker on behalf of my firm on topics related to seniors including the facilitation of multi-generational meetings to address sensitive topics such as wills, trusts, income in retirement, etc.

    Wishing you continued success,
    Elizabeth Shaw

    • Thank you for your comment, Elizabeth! I know Jeanne McGill, well! And you are right, she is outstanding, there is no one who can handle the sensitive subject of funeral pre-planning like she does! I’m interested in learning more about your services so let’s connect one-on-one. I’ll email you separately.

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