Do You Go To A Plumber For Health Issues? Then Why Would You Receive Advice on Reverse Mortgages From A Politician?

Do you go to a plumber for health issues?In a conversation with a woman the other day when I told her I specialize in reverse mortgages she said, “I’ve talked with a Minnesota politician who said people shouldn’t do a reverse mortgage.”  So I asked her the question, “Do you go to a plumber for your health problems?”  “Of course not!” was her adamant reply.  No we don’t, when we have health issues we go to the health professional who specializes in the area of our problem such as cancer or heart.

I went on to explain to this woman that I know the politician she had talked with and I too have had conversations with them.  Their concern is that one should have an understanding of the reverse mortgage, the terms and details, not that one shouldn’t do one.  In addition I pointed out that the state of Minnesota in their Own Your Future campaign is suggesting people consider reverse mortgages as a way to pay for their long-term care.   Additionally I explained that because the politicians don’t specialize in reverse mortgages they can’t provide all the details and facts about them.  Her response was, “Ohhhhh, I see.”

Everyone has their area of specialty, the doctor, the attorney, the politician; mine is reverse mortgages.  I can’t advise you on health, legal issues or laws in areas I am unfamiliar, don’t specialize or am not licensed.  Just because I grocery shop doesn’t make me a specialist in groceries or the grocery store.

After getting the facts, a reverse mortgage is right for LindaBefore deciding that a reverse mortgage shouldn’t be done based on the comment or opinion of a politician, media, friend or relative talk with a reverse mortgage specialist to get the facts and decide whether a reverse mortgage may be right for your circumstances.  One who specializes in reverse mortgages can provide details and calculations for your personal situation.  Invite your family or other trusted advisors to be involved in the informational meeting so they also receive the facts and details.  You can then have a discussion and trust that you are making an informed decision.

Linda did just that, she talked with her financial advisor and with me and has decided that a FHA HUD Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) reverse mortgage is right for her situation.  Doing one to eliminate her current mortgage payments and improve her cash flow (she doesn’t have to make mortgage payments with her reverse mortgage), she feels the relief from stress on figuring out how she would be able to continue to make her mortgage payments.

Do you go to the plumber for your health issues?  Then why go to a politician for reverse mortgage details and facts? Explore the related stories linked below and through out this blog; learn how reverse mortgages have made a difference in the lives of those who received the facts and understood the details.

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