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Are you looking for Security, Independence, Dignity and Control in your retirement?

We offer a financial tool so that you can supplement your retirement
income with the equity from your home to have
Security, Independence, Dignity, and Control.

As The Experts Excelling in Service we are the Minnesota Reverse Mortgage Lender of Choice and YOUR LOCAL originators offering ALL Reverse Mortgage Programs currently available in the Minnesota and serving all of the state.  As your Trusted Advisor we provide answers to
ALL your reverse mortgage questions.

Being local,we meet with you in person, at your home, to review the program and options with no pressure or obligations.

Homeowners 62 and older can use the equity in their home NOW with a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage is a specifically designed home equity loan for seniors with no income or credit requirements to impact the interest rate on the loan. This is a mortgage in reverse where the borrower receives payments or a line of credit instead of making monthly mortgage payments and the loan is paid off when the home is no longer the primary residence of the borrower(s) or other maturity triggers. Borrowers are still responsible for paying property taxes, insurance, maintenance and HOA fees (if applicable).

Being seniors are on a fixed income they generally don’t qualify for a conventional mortgage or home equity line of credit (HELOC) . The reverse mortgage, a special home loan for seniors on a fixed income, has one LOW INTEREST rate for all borrowers regardless of income or credit. The interest rate varies by the program chosen and/or as the index changes.  To qualify borrowers must meet Financial Assessment requirements demonstrating their ability and willingness to pay property taxes and insurance into the future.  In some circumstances a Life Expectancy Set Aside may be required to cover the property taxes and insurance.

There are no limitations on how the reverse mortgage proceeds are used and Minnesota reverse mortgage borrowers have security, independence, dignity, and control during their retirement years. Click here to learn how others have used their reverse mortgage proceeds.

Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, LLC, serving all of Minnesota, is the local trusted advisor and Minnesota originators of choice providing financing for seniors by specializing only in reverse mortgages.  Located in the Twin Cities metro area, besides originating in St. Paul, Minneapolis and the nine county metro area, we personally assist seniors throughout the state of Minnesota.

The reverse mortgage home loan programs available in Minnesota include:

Because we offer ALL reverse mortgage home loans available in Minnesota, we review all the options and help you determine which is the best reverse mortgage program for your situation.  Click here to learn what others have said.

The HUD reverse mortgage program, the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or  HECM, has been the most common of reverse equity mortgage programs offering the lowest interest rate and the most flexibility. Currently it is the only available reverse mortgage program in Minnesota.  Click here to learn about the reverse mortgage programs.

Do you want to have security, independence, dignity, and control?  Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, LLC can help you.

If you are considering a reverse mortgage in Minnesota contact us for a FREE, no obligation, no pressure quote – we’ll even meet with you in the privacy of your home to educate you on this valuable financing option.

Many other lenders offer Reverse Mortgages as an addition to their conventional mortgages or other financial services, whereas we devote all our attention to Reverse Mortgages. We are independent third party originators.  As brokers, we do not make loans – we arrange residential mortgage loans through our diverse network of HUD approved institutional lenders.

President, Beth Paterson, a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP), has been in the Reverse Mortgage business since 1999. Her leadership gives Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, LLC the experience, knowledge. and expertise needed to counsel our clients and resolve more issues or concerns that other lenders are not able to offer.

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Beth Paterson, CRMP, has authored books about Reverse Mortgages including Understanding Reverse Mortgages…Financing For Seniors May Be Right Under Their Roof which answers many questions about Reverse Mortgages dispelling the myths and providing the facts, along with the positives and negatives of Reverse Mortgages. Written in a simple format, Understanding Reverse Mortgages…Financing For Seniors May Be Right Under Their Roof provides the necessary information and knowledge for readers to comprehend the basics of Reverse Mortgages.

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We are highly trained and continually learning to provide our clients, their friends, family members, caregivers, and advisors with exceptional service and commitment. Priding ourselves on customer service, our commitment to our clients and our level of customer service is heightened with our familiarity with other resources to assist our clients beyond the Reverse Mortgage.Discussinng how satisfied they are with a reverse mortgage

Home is where the heart is.”     Pliney

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A reverse mortgage provides for MN Senior Extra CashNancy had accrued some debt including some credit cards and borrowing from her children. She did a Reverse Mortgage to pay off those debts and to have a line of credit available for future needs. She also enjoyed having some extra cash to purchase some things to fix up her home and to go to lunch with friends on occasion. Because her children had their own expenses and needs, they were relieved that their mother had done the Reverse Mortgage and could live more comfortably without relying on them.

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