Book: Understanding Reverse Mortgages: Financing For Seniors May Be Right Under Their Roof

A book on reverse mortgages:
Understanding Reverse Mortgages
…Financing For Seniors May Be Right Under Their Roof
by Beth Paterson, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP)
  • Do you know what a Reverse Mortgage is?Understanding Reverse Mortgages...Financing For Seniors May Be Right Under Their Roof
  • Have you heard the myth that you lose your home with a Reverse Mortgage?
  • Do you believe the myth that the only time to do a Reverse Mortgage is when you are cash poor and house rich or as a last resort?
  • Would you like explore how equity in your home can be used in your financial plan? Or know how others have used the reverse mortgage to strengthen their retirement years personally and financially?
  • Would you like to have a better understanding of the costs of reverse mortgages?
  • Would you like to know what are myths and what are the actual truths?
  • Would you like to know the positives and negatives of a Reverse Mortgage?
  • What about knowing what to look for in your reverse mortgage originator?

Understanding Reverse Mortgages…Financing For Seniors May Be Right Under Their Roof, a 130 page book, will answer the above questions dispelling the myths and providing you with the facts and details, along with the positives and negatives of Reverse Mortgages. It will also help you understand other options you may have heard about or are considering and see how it might fit into your retirement planning. Understanding Reverse Mortgages…Financing For Seniors May Be Right Under Their Roof is written in a simple format, providing the necessary information and knowledge for you to comprehend the basics of Reverse Mortgages. The various examples, in addition to testimonies, from those who have done a reverse mortgage will help you realize the personal and financial benefits it has brought to many people and help you evaluate whether it may be an option for you.

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I have been through many personal experiences and challenges where I learned there are many resources available. These led me to working with others faced with challenges in addition to working with seniors. After several years working with seniors and hearing about reverse mortgages, I decided to enter the reverse mortgage industry as my career. I wanted to be able to help seniors fulfill their dreams and stay in their homes and have the money to do so.

As I do with everything, when I entered the reverse mortgage industry in 1999, I wanted to learn everything there was about this unique product. Also, since I did not come from a mortgage, banking, or real estate background, I had to understand the new industry I was entering. This was for me as well as to be able to help my clients. I read everything there was about reverse mortgages, including books, industry publications and articles. There was, and still is, a lot of information available about these unique loans and a beneficial financial tool to help seniors. However, they are still often misunderstood.

While talking with people I found many were overwhelmed with all the information. I too found it was overwhelming to try and figure out the complexities of the loan. Although some are interested in reading all the details, many just want the basics.

As a result I decided to write books to simplify the information yet provide the necessary information to understand reverse mortgages and help one decide whether it is the appropriate option for their situation. Initially I wrote one book for the consumer and one for professionals. This book now combines the information that can be used for both consumers and professionals such as planners, accountants and attorneys. Because we often learn from others’ experiences, I provide examples of those who have benefitted from their reverse mortgage. (The names have been changed to protect their privacy.) You will also find some of the most detailed and popular of my blog posts included in this book.

Through my many years in the reverse mortgage industry I have helped hundreds of people understand and then benefit from having done a reverse mortgage. I treasure my clients and enjoy the cards, letters, and calls I received through the years after their closing. It is rewarding to me to hear how the reverse mortgage has changed their life for the better.

With my years in the industry and experiences in working with clients, I have become known as an expert in reverse mortgages. At one point I thought I had come across every possible scenario with the reverse mortgage. How wrong I was! Every loan brings something new to learn. So I continue to learn and my knowledge continues to expand. In more recent years there have been many changes to the reverse mortgage program to help which meant and means we need to keep learning. I stay abreast of what is happening so I can continue helping people understand reverse mortgages.

In 2014 I became a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) to demonstrate my knowledge and competency in the area of reverse mortgage lending. As a CRMP I am dedicated to uphold high standards of ethical and professional behavior.

My hope is this book provides you with an understanding of reverse mortgages and how you may benefit from having money to meet your needs, plan for your long-term care, fulfill your dreams, whatever they may be, and maintain your security, independence, dignity, and control.

 Beth Paterson, CRMP

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You Hold The Key! You hold the key to your retirement planning

Understanding Reverse Mortgages…
Financing For Seniors May Be Right Under Their Roof

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