“Own Your Future Minnesota” Campaign Launched – How are you personally preparing for your long-term care needs?

Own Your Future MinnesotaThe Own Your Future Minnesota campaign is part of a national educational campaign of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that promotes personal preparation for long-term care.  The campaign is to bring awareness as well as urge Minnesotans of the need to plan for their later years when they are likely to need long-term care.

Own Your Future is important to Minnesota!  Between 2010 and 2030 Minnesotans over age 65 will grow by 107%. Those over 65 have a 70% chance of needing long-term care.  In 2030 over 325,000 elderly would need to be served if Medicaid (Medical Assistance) had to serve all with insufficient income. This could cost $5 Billion by 2030.  Because of the enormous growth in the aging population and the number without resources, Medicaid will be strained to provide support for all these individuals.

Own Your Future Minnesota is encouraging people to have discussions, and be aware of options to pay for their long-term care including considering personal savings, long-term care insurance, life insurance options, annuities, and using ones home equity including reverse mortgages.  Additionally they are encouraging people to discuss and plan their advance care which refers to their legal documents.

With the October 2nd launch, Governor Mark Dayton and Lieutenant Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon are urging all Minnesotans age 40 to 65 to own their future by mailing a letter to them.

“Planning for long-term care helps to ensure choice, control and peace of mind for the individual,” said Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon. “The sense of security and comfort that comes with having a plan is something all Minnesotans should enjoy.”

The first phase of Minnesota’s Own Your Future initiative includes a new website, public service announcements, internet advertising, community meetings and other employer and grassroots organizations.  The website offers options for planning at various ages, tools for your planning covering your personal, financial, housing and advance care planning, as well individual’s stories.

Future phases of Own Your Future will look at development of affordable financial products to help people pay for long-term care and evaluation of possible changes to Medicaid to better align with and encourage private payment for long-term care.

As a member of the Advisory Panel, and on the speakers bureau, through the coming year I will be doing presentations around the Twin Cities to bring clarity on what is long-term care, the impact it has on individuals and their families, why plan ahead along with options and resources to consider.

I’m proud and excited to be part of this important state initiative as the reverse mortgage industry representative.

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