At The Eleventh Hour… Reverse Mortgage Used To Save MN Senior’s Home

We need a reverse mortgageThe call came it at 5:00 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon, “We’re in foreclosure, the redemption period ends in three weeks.  We need a reverse mortgage.”  Ken and Mary, in their 60’s, were in a tight spot and about to lose their home if we couldn’t get the reverse mortgage application taken, processed, closed and funded within the three weeks to the date of the late afternoon phone call.  There were no exceptions to getting an extension of the redemption period.

Being from a smaller town, they hadn’t heard about reverse mortgages previously until they were visiting relatives in another state and heard them advertised.  When back in Minnesota they looked up reverse mortgages and found their way to us.  After an initial two-hour conversation explaining the details and terms of  the HUD insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (or HECM) they decided to proceed knowing their only option to save their home was the reverse mortgage… they had already checked out other options with no success.

The first thing needed was their HUD required reverse mortgage counseling.  Fortunately they were able to receive the counseling the next day.  Once we received the counseling certificate with their signatures, on Friday, the following day, the application was taken and then the processing began.  FHA Case number was assigned, title work ordered, appraisal order placed, credit report and flood certification obtained.

Then the surprises arrived.  First was a lien from Veterans Affairs that would need to be paid.  The credit report showed a judgment from a credit card debt that was also required to be paid.  Then the appraised value came in less than expected.  And the appraiser stated the roof needed repair along with another small repair.  This meant that the Ken and Mary would need to get contractor bids for the required repairs.

These factors meant a difference in the amount of reverse mortgage funds that would be available.  When the calculations were run, in order to pay off the mortgage in foreclosure, the VA lien, the judgment, and set aside funds for the repairs, Ken and Mary needed to bring money to the closing or lose their home.

HUD does not allow extra funds to be borrowed, funds need to be from the borrower’s own resources or a gift.  This caused an additional obstacle:  they had to come up with the extra money.

Determined to save their home from the foreclosure Ken and Mary worked and addressed all the issues that they faced.  Fortunately they received the gift of funds, provided the necessary gift letter and documentation.  The contractor’s bids were submitted to us and title work and payoff statements received.

Not an easy task with all the obstacles that popped up along with two weekends and a holiday falling during this time frame.  However with lots of phone calls, explanations, guidance, and scrambling to pull everything together, the file was processed and submitted to underwriting, just 12 days after the application, 14 days after the initial phone call.

Two days later the file was underwritten, conditions received, addressed and then cleared.  This was on the last day for the file to be closed in order to allow the 3-day rescission period before funding on the last day of the redemption period.   The closing department rushed to get the closing package assembled and sent to the title company in time for the Friday afternoon closing.

Reverse Mortgage Saves MN Senior's HomeThe following Wednesday, just 3 weeks after that 5:00 p.m. phone call and on the last day for Ken and Mary to redeem their home from foreclosure, the reverse mortgage was funded.  The title company representative drove to the county sheriff’s office to personally deliver the payment.  Whew, just in time.

With sighs of relief, Ken and Mary are able to stay in the home that they had built and lived in since 1972.

It took a team of many who cared enough to rush things through to save this home from foreclosure.  Besides our originator and processor, this included the counselor, the title company, the appraisal management company and appraiser, the lender’s processors, underwriter, closing and funding departments.  How rewarding this is for all of us!

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