Food For Thought To Fulfill Key Messages of Social Work Month 2010

Food For Thought For Social Work MonthDuring March we recognize and honor Social Workers for the value they bring to our seniors. In a variety of roles, with their knowledge and experience in providing resources social workers assist our seniors. The National Association of Social Workers provides a list of Key Messages for Social Work Month 2010. These include inspiring to improve lives and assisting with problem solving as well as resolving issues that may negatively impact the community. I’d like to offer some food for thought tying into these messages.

Ninety-three percent of seniors want to remain in their home. They are comfortable living in the home and community with their memories where they raised their children, know the neighbors, are familiar with the grocery store and the pharmacy. They feel safe and warm in their familiar surroundings. With the home as their identity it gives them comfort being in their long time home. So let’s talk about a couple ways to help fulfill the desires of seniors, improve their lives and help them stay in their home and their community.

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