Respect for Oneself Increases With A Reverse Mortgage

Satisfied MN Reverse Mortgage Borrower“A reverse mortgage has brought me bountiful solutions to resolving financial issues.  Its benefits enabled me to achieve the means to better enjoy living in my own home.  The equity available was spent in several areas for home improvement.  Included were remodeling of my bathroom, new carpeting throughout my home, and installment of a sump pump to prevent basement floodings.  Herewith also personal challenges, as a pledge to my church fulfilled and travel to family weddings and reunion assured.

“With a reverse mortgage you begin to have independence anew and you begin to feel more secure.  Being free from monetary anxiety, you have better control over spending your equity.  Thus a respect for yourself increases.”

Letter from MN Reverse Mortgage BorrowerThis is a letter I received from a borrower who had taken out her reverse mortgage over 5 years ago.  Through the years I have heard from other borrowers on how the reverse mortgage has made a difference in their lives.

Another borrower called a couple weeks ago to tell me that they are moving into a care center because of with his Alzheimer’s she can’t care for him and it’s not safe for him at home any longer.  As we talked she told me how thankful she was for the reverse mortgage and what a difference it and I have made in their life.  They did their initial reverse mortgage over 8 years ago and we refinanced it for them about 3 years ago.  For years the funds from the reverse mortgage allowed them to maintain their lifestyle and go to Florida and escape the Minnesota winters.  No longer able to make the trip to Florida they have used their funds for other needs including medical expenses and home care allowing them to stay at home as long as they could.

Reverse Mortgage Made Difference for MN Man

Reverse Mortgage Made Difference for MN Man

Dick really wanted to stay in his home of many years.  The reverse mortgage funds were used for home improvements and allowed him to participate in a mission trip.  Since his reverse mortgage was taken out in 2002 he has called and shared how the reverse mortgage has helped him live his life comfortably and to stay in his home as he desires.

The reverse mortgage has helped seniors retire and still have funds for their lifestyle.  Using the funds for home repairs has helped seniors keep up their home so they could remain in the neighborhood where they are familiar.  Other times the reverse has been considered a life saver to pay for home care and keep the senior at home where they are most comfortable.

I have specialized in reverse mortgages since 1999 and have helped hundreds of seniors stay in their home with security, independence, dignity, and control.  I hope to continue to receive the letters and calls from my borrowers on how the reverse mortgage and I have made a difference in their life.  It’s a good feeling knowing that seniors have a better life and more respect for themselves.

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