Without The Reverse Mortgage Money I Would Have Been “Up The Creek Without A Paddle.”

My reverse mortgage was a good decisionI recently received the following letter from a reverse mortgage client of mine outlining why a reverse mortgage was a good decision.

Dear Beth,

I am writing about why a Reverse Mortgage was a good decision for me.  I have had mine since 2010.  My husband died in 2009 and although I was able to keep up with my monthly bills, I would run short of cash when Auto Insurance, Fire Insurance, Property Tax and other unexpected bills would arrive.

My family would always be willing to help me with those bills but I did not want to be a burden to them.  My daughter-in-law Nancy belongs to a Women’s Group with you, Beth Paterson, and suggested that I may want to look into a Reverse Mortgage.  The family was with me throughout the whole procedure and they agreed that it was a good choice for me.

Having a Reverse Mortgage has given me monetary independence and I never realized how important having cash available would be until I fell in October 2013 and broke my right shoulder.  I needed care-givers two times a day.  Without the Reverse Mortgage money I would have been ‘up a creek without a paddle’.  I simply filled out a form, mailed it to the mortgage company and they transferred the needed funds into my bank account.  Financial independence saved the day.

Barbara H.

A reverse mortgage is a mortgage like any other mortgage, using the equity in one’s home, but has special terms for homeowners 62 and over.  There are no income or credit score qualifications for the interest rate and no monthly payments required.  Senior homeowners maintain the title as the reverse mortgage lender does not own the home.  Borrowers are responsible for paying their property taxes and insurance as well as maintaining the home.  Reverse mortgage borrowers are highly protected – more so than with any other loan.

The HECM Adjustable Rate program allows for borrowers to receive their funds in monthly payments, line of credit, lump sum or a combination of these.  The monthly payments can be structured as tenure payments, for life of the loan, or as they need.  The line of credit grows so more funds become available in the future.  There is also a HECM Fixed Rate option which is favorable if one is pulling all their funds out in a lump sum.

As a non-recourse loan there is no personal liability when repaying the loan, the loan is repaid from the property only.  This means if the loan balance when due and payable is $200,000 but the home can only be sold for $150,000 the borrower or the estate do not have to come up with the $50,000 difference.  The loan is generally repaid from the sale of the property when the home is no longer the primary residence of the borrower, usually when they move, die or sell.  If the home is sold for more than the loan balance the remaining equity goes to the borrower or the estate.

Barbara has the line of credit option which, with the growth rate, has grown over time.  The line of credit is there for situations like hers.

Are you or do you know someone who would like to have access to funds providing financial independence and not rely on others?  Consider a reverse mortgage!

*As of April 27, 2015 income and credit are used for the Financial Assessment to determine borrower’s ability and willingness to pay property taxes and insurance into the future

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