Why Choose SIDAC

Why Choose Reverse Mortgages SIDAC?
Not All Reverse Mortgage Lenders Are The Same…

We are: The Experts Excelling In Service     


Thank you for considering Reverse Mortgages SIDAC for your reverse mortgage. Although the basic terms of the FHA, and proprietary reverse mortgage programs are essentially identical regardless of the lender, we are the Minnesota reverse mortgage lender of choice when compared to others for the following reasons:

  • Years of expertise, knowledge, and experience – We have years of knowledge experience giving us expertise in all aspects of the reverse mortgage. Our management has been in the reverse mortgage industry since 1999, educating, originating, processing, and following-up and assisting even after the loan is closed.

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  • Meet licensing requirements – Both as a company and as individual loan originators, we meet the licensing requirements for Minnesota Mortgage Brokers.  (FDIC Banks and Credit Unions are only registered, not licensed.)  In addition, Beth Paterson, Executive Vice President, earned the distinct accreditation of a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP).
  • Offering all reverse mortgage programs available in Minnesota We work with several lenders, review, and discuss all the options to determine which program is most suitable for your needs.
  • Meet with you in your home – For your comfort and convenience, our reverse mortgage experts will meet with you in your home.

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  • Loans closed in your home – When more convenient for our clients, loans are closed in the home of the borrower.
  • Loans are processed faster – Loans are generally processed and closed in 30 to 45 days versus 60 to 90 days or more with other lenders.
  • Loans are processed in Minnesota – Unlike most other lenders, we don’t just take your application and then send it off to a processing clerk. We provide personalized expert processing utilizing our proprietary processing program to reduce time and errors during the processing period.
  • We work “hands on” – To make sure your reverse mortgage is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible we work closely with you and the vendors involved. We directly handle and control all aspects of the loan processing functions from application to closing.

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  • We pride ourselves on our customer service – Going above and beyond just taking an application, we are here to answer questions and find solutions even after the loan has closed. We have 100% customer satisfaction.
  • NO application fee – We do not require an application fee. Borrowers will need to pay for the appraisal and potentially inspections up front however there are no other out-of-pocket fees required.  Third-party counseling fees may potentially be paid to the agency at time of counseling or possibly invoiced and paid through the loan at closing.
  • Disclose and provide a complete estimate close to the actual fees that will be charged at closing We at Reverse Mortgages SIDAC pride ourselves on providing a Good Faith Estimate that is very close to the actual fees.  When our borrowers compare the actual closing costs to the Good Faith Estimate, they found we were very close with our estimations. Borrowers only pay the actual costs, there are no marked up fees. Click here for Minnesota Reverse Mortgage Costs.
  • We encourage you to discuss the loan transactions with family and/or trusted advisor as you so choose – To help family and advisors be comfortable with the reverse mortgage transaction we are always available to talk with them if they have questions or concerns.

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  • Highly trained – Our Reverse Mortgage Experts and staff are highly trained with an intensive initial program and on-going education to provide our clients, their friends, family members, caregivers, and advisors with exceptional service and commitment.
  • Experienced and known as the experts – The Reverse Mortgage Experts from Reverse Mortgages SIDAC are experienced and known as experts in the reverse mortgage industry, often being consulted by professionals for answers and clarifications about reverse mortgage loans.
  • Our clients are provided the book, Understanding Reverse MortgagesUnderstanding Reverse Mortgages is a book written by Beth Paterson, Executive Vice President, which is written in a simple format, providing the necessary information and knowledge for you to comprehend the basics of reverse mortgages.

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  • Integrity, expertise, knowledge, and experience – Our management has been consistently recognized by the industry for their innovative leadership in the reverse mortgage industry as well as their integrity, expertise, knowledge and experience.
  • We protect your privacy and confidentialityWe do not distribute personal financial information to any third party without permission from you.
  • Do not cross-sell other products – We and the lenders we work with do not cross-sell other products (i.e. life insurance, annuities, long-term care insurance, or financial products) during the origination or after the loan is closed because all we offer are reverse mortgages.
  • Treat you with respect and dignity
  • We adhere to a strict code of conduct – Click here to read our Code of Conduct and the NRMLA Pledge to Borrowers.
  • We pride ourselves as being the best reverse mortgage originating lender in all counts – expertise, knowledge, experience, performance, service, and value.

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We'd be happy to provide you with the same high service as we have our other satisfied customers.So why not call the best to assist you
with your reverse mortgage?
We’d be happy to provide you with the same high service as we have our other satisfied customers.

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The Experts Excelling In Service
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Understanding Reverse Mortgages Book

Minnesota Residents Call Us to learn how to receive a FREE copy of Understanding Reverse Mortgages, a book written in a simple format, providing the necessary information and knowledge to comprehend the basics of Reverse Mortgages.