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Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, The Experts Excelling in Service,
provides a financial tool so that homeowners 62 and over can have
Security, Independence,
Dignity, and Control by converting the equity of their home
into cash,
faster and easier, with reverse mortgages.©

Reverse Mortgages SIDAC Customer Survey Results are 100% Customer Satisfaction! This documents our exceptional service and commitment.

Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, LLC, specializes solely in Reverse Mortgages.  Managed by Beth Paterson, CRMP, NMLS #342859, and Steve Loney, NMLS #382902, our many years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in all aspects of Reverse Mortgages, mean we are able to assist all our clients, their families, and advisors with the best service in addition to counseling clients and resolving more issues or concerns that other lenders are not able to offer.

Many other lenders offer Reverse Mortgages as an addition to their conventional mortgages or other financial services, whereas we devote all our attention to Reverse Mortgages. We are independent third party originators.  As brokers, we do not make loans – we arrange residential mortgage loans through our diverse network of HUD approved institutional lenders.

President, Beth Paterson, a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP), has been in the Reverse Mortgage business since 1999. Her leadership gives Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, LLC the experience, knowledge. and expertise needed to counsel our clients and resolve more issues or concerns that other lenders are not able to offer.

Beth Paterson has authored books about Reverse Mortgages including Understanding Reverse Mortgages…Financing For Seniors May Be Right Under Their Roof, a reverse mortgage guide, which answers many questions about Reverse Mortgages dispelling the myths and providing the facts, along with the positives and negatives of Reverse Mortgages. It is written in a simple format, providing the necessary information and knowledge for readers to comprehend the basics of Reverse Mortgages.  As well as help readers understand other options one may have heard about or are considering and see how it might fit into their retirement planning.Back to Top

"Thank you for all your wonderful help. I know it is part of your job but you were so helpful to me and my family."We have developed a processing program to insure the speed and accuracy necessary to originate, process, and close these unique loans. With processing done in our offices, clients receive faster and more personal service, generally closing within 30 to 45 days. Understanding HUD’s requirements and working with many lenders we are able to assist the clients with even the most difficult situations.

Additionally, we are highly trained and continually learning to provide our clients, their friends, family members, caregivers, and advisors with exceptional service and commitment. Priding ourselves on customer service, our commitment to our clients and our level of customer service is heightened with our familiarity with other resources to assist our clients beyond the Reverse Mortgage.

Our knowledge of other services and options also provide an advantage when working with our borrowers, their families, and advisors.

Let us put our experience, knowledge, and
customer service to work for you!

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Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, LLC
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