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Using a reverse mortgage to stay in home and not tap retirement fundsDAC“We started working with Beth about 5 years ago and found out what patience is. We never felt pushed or harassed. We also involved our financial planner who helped us greatly. When we called the last Beth was there again and walked us through an involved process with patience and calm. We were finally able to take advantage of a higher than expected appraisal value and a low fixed interest rate. We’re able to continue to stay in our home without having to tap into our retirement accounts which was our goal in obtaining a reverse mortgage. At times it felt like the details and hoops were excessive but I understand necessary. This process is NOT a scam and SIDAC and Beth should be people to work with. We did a brief “second look” at another reverse mortgage broker. It took us about 20 minutes to head back to Beth!” B.E.

“I never would have made it thru the cumbersome process of obtaining a reverse mortgagee without the help and guidance of Steve Loney and the people at Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, LLC. Steve was there to explain and assist every step of the way. I would give them 10 starts if possible.” JPT

“Our Reverse Mortgage is great. Gives us some elbow room. Special thanks to you.” R.S.

“The only way we could comfortably stay in our home of 42 years.” S.H.

A reverse mortgage provides for Mom's needs today“Your professional way, coupled with your integrity and clarity were a given all the way. You orchestrate the proceedings with a warmth that spells forth a care and concern for your client. That was my feeling. With joy and delight I have felt hope and even vision anew in knowing that this home belongs to me. It comes with a challenge for me to realize that I am accountable in using these funds to achieve goals otherwise not possible. Thank you for your patience and guidance in the process.” B.L.M

“Everything looks more helpful now.” M.K.

 “It is really great not to have to be concerned about where the money will come from for my long term care insurance policy payment and emergency repairs. It has relieved us of a great deal of stress and makes grocery shopping a lot easier too.” M.S.

“Affords me the ability to retire and make ends meet.” S.G.

“A reverse mortgage means I’ll have a place to live even in case of serious illness.” D.B.

Enjoy life with a reverse mortgage

“I think Beth Paterson was Steve Loney do an excellent job! I am completely satisfied with all aspects of my reverse mortgage. From start to finish, it was handled very professionally. I never had a feeling that my questions and input were not of importance (thank you – I had many questions!!)  Beth, you assured me that the procedures were on time and going smoothly, and that was a wonderful feeling! Thank you for being the kind of super advisor that makes you so special.” M.G.

“We can now continue to travel to Florida every winter.” L.C.

“Thank you for all your wonderful help. I know it is part of your job but you were so helpful to me and my family.” J.T.

“The Reverse Mortgage helps out a great deal and solves many problems.” C.C.

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Able to Stay in Home with Home Care

 “Once we realized that we could only relieve the stress on us by contracting 24-hour nursing care for grandma, a reverse mortgage was the only way to do it.  We made phone inquiries to 7 different reverse mortgage companies.  Beth at Reverse Mortgages SIDAC had the best combination of resources, years in the field, step-by-step explanation of the process, investigating and appraising us of the options, comprehensive written materials sent promptly, advanced skills in communication with us and grandma, and high degree of emotional sensitivity.  We were under pressure pressure to have the funds to pay for grandma’s care, so there skillful management of the process proved to be critical.  We appreciate Reverse Mortgages SIDAC and would recommend them without reservation.” L.T.
 “I was very pleased how Beth handled the process.  Everything was done quickly and I highly recommend Reverse Mortgages SIDAC to anyone interested in a reverse mortgage.” S.H.


“It helps me keep up with bills I cannot cover with my limited income. It also allowed me to remodel my home to improve it’s value and be more comfortable. I greatly appreciate it.” R.D.

“Thanks for all your help to me. When someone is found who seems never too busy to talk and aide in decisions, that is truly a blessing. You are that sort of person.” H.C.

“As a senior citizen, I had been having some concerns with my finances. Being on a limited income made much needed household repairs and property tax payments very difficult to meet. I was going to have to make a choice soon about whether to continue to live in my house, or move on to an apartment. The costs of continuing to live in my home were getting beyond my means, but I wasn’t ready to leave the home that I had raised my children in. I decided t use the equity in my house to make life easier and meet the financial obligations that I had.  Beth Paterson was my representative.  She was so easy to talk to and walked me slowly through the entire process.  She was always there to answer any questions that I had, and continues to even long after the closing! It was a wonderful experience. S.M.
Maintained retirement lifestyle with reverse mortgage
“After six years of non-payment of property taxes, nearly four years of confession of judgment, and the home I had lived in for nearly 69 years within weeks of tax forfeiture, the Reverse Mortgage lender Beth Paterson worked with came to the rescue with a Reverse Mortgage.  The property taxes are now current for the first time in a decade, and I have a line of credit of approximately $100,000.” R.W.J.

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“Thank you very much for taking us through the paperwork on getting a Reverse Mortgage. I really believe you did a beautiful job. I certainly will remember your help and guidance through a Reverse Mortgage. If I had to do it over again, I would not do it any different in having you for this help through my Reverse Mortgage.” G.D.

“We went with you because you were more approachable than the others and took time to answer our questions.” T.F.

Beth was so helpful when working on my Reverse Mortgage.  She knows her job and everything about it.  She answered all my questions.  She gave advice and suggestions.  She came to my home to go over all the options and plans that are available.  She went above and beyond.  And she’s pleasant to work with.  My thanks, Beth.” L.S.

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