Are you an Attorney, Financial Planner, Insurance Agent, CPA, Social Worker or other professional working with Seniors or their families?
to get clear on how reverse mortgages
can help your clients with estate planning and their retirement.
Reverse Mortgages SIDAC will help you have a clear understanding of:
  • Who should do a reverse mortgage.Reverse Mortgages help finance retirment and long-term care planning
  • What are the true facts about reverse mortgages (there are a lot of myths and misinformation floating around).
  • Where the reverse mortgage can be a benefit to your clients and/or their parents and families.
  • When one should do a reverse mortgage.
  • Why one should work with Reverse Mortgages SIDAC.
  • How a reverse mortgage can help you help your clients with retirement planning.

Click here to read Journal of Financial Planning:  HECM Reverse Mortgages: Now or Last Resort? A study to look at if maintaining a client’s real income needs is to require the use of home equity, then what factors should be considered, and how do these factors impact whether a reverse mortgage should be established now or as a last resort?

Also check out the study by Professors David W. Johnson, PH.D. and Zimira S. Simkins, PH.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Superior published in Journal of Financial Planning, “Retirement Trends, Current Monetary Trends and the Reverse Mortgage Market.

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“It is really great not to have to be concerned about where the money will come from for my long-term care insurance policy payment and emergency repairs. It has relieved us of a great deal of stress and makes grocery shopping a lot easier too.” M.S.

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