Veterans Who Have Served Our Country Have Found The Reverse Mortgage Has Served Their Needs

Veterans who have served have been served by reverse mortgagesThrough the years I have had the honor of assisting veterans to be able to stay in their home using a reverse mortgage.  Three in particular come to mind.

Earl was a World War II Veteran who had some memory and health issues but wanted to remain in his home.  His Power of Attorney set up the reverse mortgage which allowed him to have funds to bring in some home care assistance and stay in his home.

Jack was also a World War II Veteran.  He and his wife did the reverse mortgage to be able to supplement their retirement funds and to remain in their home.  They decided to leave their  reverse mortgage funds in the line of credit so they would have funds for their future needs whether it be emergency funds or to pay for care needs.

Jim was a Veteran of the Koran War.  Jim and his wife used their reverse mortgage to pay off their conventional mortgage which improved their cash flow since they no longer had a monthly mortgage payment to make.  They had some additional funds in a line of credit.  When they sold an RV they took the money from the sale and made a payment on their reverse mortgage.  The pre-payment reduced their loan balance but also increased their line of credit funds giving them a larger amount available for their future needs.

When meeting with my clients I always enjoy hearing their life stories. These three were no exception.  When meeting with them I have enjoyed and been humbled hearing their stories of their service.  One was involved in the bombing of Japan.  He shared that years later he met a Japanese Veteran who was fighting on the other side.  And as they talked they found a bond, with no anger or bitterness.

These three veterans have all found the FHA HUD insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) has served them in their retirement years.
Veterans who have served have been served by reverse mortgages
On this Veteran’s Day I want to say thank you to these and my other clients as well as all who served in the armed forces so that we may have our freedoms.  As they have fought for our country’s freedom, it’s been an honor for me to be able to serve them so they have their freedom to remain in their home with funds for their needs and desires.

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