My 20 Year Career in Reverse Mortgages Makes My Heart Sing

Today, August 9, 2019 is my 20th anniversary in the reverse mortgage industry. It makes my heart sing to provide security, independence, dignity and control for seniors.

Reverse Mortgage Industry Makes My Heart Sing

Through the years I have helped people save their home from foreclosure, maintain and even improve their lifestyle, create memories for their families, pay for home care, purchase their dream homes assist with their retirement planning and so much more.

Enjoyment is found in not only originating, but also providing the personal touch throughout the whole process. Being familiar with, and being able to provide guidance on, other resources also gives me satisfaction in assisting my clients.

I love being able to use my interests and talents in my career including problem solving, creativity, marketing, writing through books and blogs, as well as speaking, educating, serving the community, and working with people. I am blessed!

Learn more about me here.

There have been many people I have learned from, who have assisted, and touched my life in this rewarding career, too many to mention. To them I would like to say thank you!

I’m looking forward to another 20+ years making a difference in the lives of others using this valuable financial tool.

If you’re in Minnesota give me a call at 651-762-9648 to see if I might be able to help you have security, independence, dignity and control in your retirement. It will make my heart sing!

Beth Paterson
NMLS #342859
Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, LLC
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Would you like to explore a reverse mortgage for your situation? Contact us if you are in Minnesota.  As your local broker, we work with several lenders and provide free information and facts with no obligation, meeting in person whenever possible.

For other states, contact your local reverse mortgage specialist who is a broker, one who works with several lenders, has their Broker License/NMLS and preferably holds the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) designation.

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